En attendant le 16 juin

Je n’aime Rufus Wainwright que pour sa voix.


Si d’aventure vous tombez chez moi, et que vous avez envie de partager en langue française sur le sujet, n’hésitez pas à vous rendre sur la section française du forum de Rufus Wainwright.

On se voit le 16 juin à la cité de la musique.


5 réflexions sur “En attendant le 16 juin

  1. Pour ceux qui désirent assister au concertde Rufus Wainwright à la cité de la musique le 16 juin et qui n’ont pas de billet, il y a généralement des annonces sur le forum. Le lien du sujet pour ce concert ci : http://boards.rufuswainwright.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=live&Number=641067&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=6
    Je peux jouer les intermédiaires si écrire en anglais vous terrorise 😉 Envoyez moi un mail à isatagada [at] voila.fr


  2. C’est quoi ce comm de folie ! Quelqu’un qui écrit plus que toi !!!

    Pourquoi un tel titre de post , tu m’as fait trop peur !!!!
    Le 16 juin, c’est le jour du congrès qui va décider de mon avenir pro (enfin un peu mais bon….)


    A jeudi


  3. In the beginning was the word: then came priests, pastors, and preachers, after that soldiers and generals, and later businessmen and bankers.

    In prehistoric times, before humans had developed the ability to speak, we were just apes, primates, with a simple system of values based on plain procreation and basic survival.

    So, as our ability to use the “word” evolved, we became able to communicate concepts, whether valid or not, to our brothers and sisters. And the ability to speak distinguished us from monkeys.

    But the word only gave power to the few: namely, the few who created the irrational concepts of gods and demons, through which the few were able to instill fear in the masses.

    Fear became a concept. Before the spoken word, fear was real only in terms of floods, thunder, fires, earthquakes, wild animals, defacing diseases, etc. With the spoken word, fear was communicable even outside the actual theater of fear. Fear became the most powerful tool of manipulation, and still is.

    Fear had always existed, but the spoken word was able to conceptualize fear by relating the fearful event to its origin (the lion, the lightning, the hurricane) and to transform the origin itself into a divinity or a demon. The god “lion”, the god “lightning”, the god “hurricane”, only some of the gods that the priests made us fear and worship.

    And priest, pastors, and preachers made themselves the only interpreters of those gods, with full power to grant immunity or destruction. These priests, pastors, and preachers first created the fear of the fearful gods, and then they made themselves the healers of the fear: pray with me, and you will be consoled. Find solace and spiritual protection in my church. Come under the wings of my god. You name it, they found a formula of their own to sedate the very same illusory fear that they themselves had sparked in you through their fabricated schemes of false ideas and treacherous sermons.

    Later in history, when humanity developed the written word, the power of the few became total, and overwhelming, controlling through their self-proclaimed authority the masses of peasants and servants. The “book” became the source of power, and indisputable, because written. It was never mentioned to the plebeians that the same aristocracy of priests, pastors, and preachers themselves had actually written the “book” (as they were the only ones able to master the written language). The gullible masses were told that the “book” had been written by the gods.

    With the “book” the fear became more sophisticated, and with a dialectical structure. The powerful priests defined a string of gods and demons as “good gods” and “good demons”, and then the pastors created a series of evil “anti-gods” and evil “anti-demons”. And now the preachers started inculcating in the ignorant masses the concept that only the power of their church could protect humanity against the evil power of “demons”, “devils”, and “anti-gods”.

    The perfect thesis-antithesis-synthesis, where the same priests-pastors-preachers had unilaterally invented the thesis (“good gods”), then the antithesis (“bad demons”), and finally the synthesis (“the healing church”), all in one big concoction of confusion and fear, out of which the “spiritual leaders” were always coming out as healers and winners.

    Now the “word” and the “book” epitomized the tools of indisputable power for shamans, sorcerers, exorcists, popes, cardinals, abbots, friars, hermits, saints, you name it.

    And fear prevailed, appeased in appearance only by the pale flames of cheap candles lit in the churches owned and controlled by the subtle priests who were cashing in on people’s ignorance and social backwardness.

    Fear, fear, fear, an integrated policy of irrational exaggerated fear of invisible demons and of horrifying sins. Hell and Armageddon would be the punishment, and Paradise and Eternity could be the reward. All equally false and irrational constructions generated by the obfuscated fervor of bishops and “believers” through absurd rites of initiation and repentance, resurrection and reincarnation, eating bodies and drinking blood.

    Baptism at birth, weddings for procreation, funerals for death, always the dark shadow of a greedy priest shows its ugly profile during life’s natural events. Oddly, the “supernatural” finds its space in the daily pace of everyday life, with fear and delusion, prayers and superstition, all based on false mysticism and absurd mysteries.

    Suffer now, because tomorrow you will be in Paradise. If you do not do this, you will boil in Hell. Fear, mental terror, callous manipulation, raw and ugly “faith-based” mind games corrupting at early ages the minds of innocent children.

    Any intellectual endeavor disputing the validity of the “word” or the “book” was doomed by preachers and ministers to lead directly to hell, as evidenced by the legends of Prometheus and Lucifer, who dared dispute the validity of god.

    Then, a new phenomenon started emerging: soldiers and businessmen (who did not have the talent of word and books, but only the skills of swords and money), soldiers and businessmen felt left out, and had to regain some vital territory of their own in order to cash-in on the people’s stupidity.

    So soldiers took it onto themselves to defend the word of god with their weapons. They claimed that some god had legitimized their power, and that they had to rule over the people. Kings, princes, dukes, counts, marquis, barons, prime ministers, presidents, you name it, became your rulers in the name of god, pretending to protect you from imaginary enemies. If you did not obey them, they had to execute you, in the name of god. Fear, fear, fear, tangible now (the sword), and not only intangible in the future (like inferno).

    And businessmen also eagerly stepped into the scene, and contributed to the general policy of fear by creating shortages. Shortages of food, of oil, of cloth, of sheep, of seeds. Shortages of everything (allegedly caused by divine will or by demoniacal evil, by “the economy” or by “the markets”), imposing on you the deed of poverty and frugality as a divine commandment that would place you straight in paradise, when dead. The fact that the businessmen themselves never suffered any shortages of anything did not surprise the priests or the soldiers, as they were already thriving in the plenty and in the surplus.

    Your salaries are calculated exactly to be at the edge of failure, one paycheck away from homelessness, with the overhanging fear of not being able to provide for your children’s tomorrow. An evil system ensures that scores of unemployed people evoke in you the impending fear of you too losing your job. Prices of gasoline and food are prohibitive, and high enough to prevent you from saving even a penny from your meager wages. The long working hours and commuting time leave you no energy for social engagements or for community work. You are stuck in a ditch, and you are slowly drowning in the sewer of an exploitative system that does not care about you or your family. Bad schools and poor healthcare.

    Priests, pastors, and preachers, soldiers and generals, and businessmen and bankers happily sing in a unison choir: “We happy few can be rich only if there are huge poor masses, and the poor may rejoice tomorrow, when dead, as the poor will finally be happy in the gods’ heavens and in the angels’ paradises”.

    And the crass policies of priests, soldiers, and businessmen continue to rule to this day.

    The priests’ cathedrals have grown bigger, more imposing, more intimidating, and more absurd. Come and pray in the house of god. They pray “God is everywhere”. Uber alles.

    The soldiers’ swords have grown into atomic bombs, nuclear aircraft carriers, ballistic missiles, all in the name of their gods. They yell out “God is on our side”, and then they kill. Gott mit uns.

    The businessmen have created powerful shortages that affect the homeless, the hungry kids, the uninsured, the unemployed, while at the same time the temples of money have only grown larger. Banks look like cathedrals, with columns and atria and a flair of holiness, where the sacred almighty dollar rules over the hungry masses. They say “Let’s defend our way of life”. Lebensraum.

    And all the unemployed people are the fodder for the military, waging distant wars in foreign countries to impose our way of life in the name of our gods.

    The coordinated and consistent policy of fear has found its new expression in artificial shortages of oil, rice, water, vaccines, housing, only to force the ordinary citizen to a constant status of indignity and fear under a system of oppression orchestrated today by the same priests, soldiers, and businessmen that were around in ancient Egypt, in ancient Rome, in the Middle Ages, and in Nazi Germany. The high priests are the same, and the pain and the fear are the same.

    Some people said “no” to such oppression and to the policy of fear, among them Spartacus, Wilhelm Tell, Rob Roy, surreal figures at the edge of legend, condemned ideologically by the system for their courage to stand up against abuse, and vilified by the imperial establishment for their brave capacity of independent thinking.

    And without exercising independent thinking we are all still just monkeys, still concerned only with the most simple chores of plain procreation and basic survival.

    The words that gave us books that gave us civilizations will have to give equality and dignity to all of us, if we want to call ourselves truly civilized. If not, it is still all just monkey-noise. Over there we still see the high priests with their churches, the mighty soldiers with their governments, and the canny businessmen with their banks. And you are still just the monkey.

    And how do priests control you? How do soldiers rule you? How do bankers subjugate you? By filling your hollow life with stupid television and chewing-gum, with idiotic sports and cheap beer, with stinky dogs and sick kids, with credit cards and mortgages. Sad sap.

    It is up to you to start changing the situation, but your time is running out quickly. You have to make a choice of what to do with yourself. Your hell is here and now, with your fears and your nothingness. And there is definitely no paradise out there for your future.

    (What to do? Meet with your friends and your neighbors, in school and at work, and set up local committees with a political platform and a social program outlining the right and the duty to work, and the basic human rights of housing, healthcare, education, and public safety, for equality and dignity through logic and reason.)

    You are always welcome with questions, comments, and suggestions.

    For Equality and Dignity through Logic and Reason
    Central Bureau for Information and Statistics

    Join, participate, start a committee in your area: a free social movement.

    Feel free to forward this e-mail to family, friends, and colleagues.


    Visit also, for:

    Equality and Dignity

    Logic and Reason






    New Ideas





    (P. S.: People seem not to want to invest in relations. But if you do not invest in a relation, nothing will come out of it: if you do not commit anything, the other party will not commit anything either. And committing just feelings is not a commitment, feelings are subjective and selfish, and do not translate to the other party. You need to commit something more than feelings, if you want something more than a transitory flirt. Love alone, in any form, is not going to get you there: you will need wisdom, and understanding. Ed)

    isa mon amour ou est antony?


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