Crazy Rufus et son « Blackout Sabbath »

Voici ce que l’on peut trouver en ce moment sur le site de ce cher Rufus … comme dans ses news letter !
Plus dingue tu meurs. On peut être fan et par moment dodeliner de la tête de droite à gauche avec un léger « tss tss tss » sur les lèvres 😉
Enfin, on l’aime quand même !

Au passage, l’environnement, ce serait juste bien d’y faire attention tous les jours …

A bon entendeur …

A Message From Rufus

Presently having breakfast in Spain eating lots of meat with the plan that when I get back from Brazil in May, I will go on a strict diet to both appease my doctor and for fear of gout (wow, Shakespeare and I have more than one thing in
common!) And perhaps even go all the way veggie to appease Pamela Anderson, who for good reason, is the top news story on CNN’s Larry King Live every month exclusively due to her work for PETA in tight T-shirts. I’m telling you: if Hayden Christensen was vegan and wearing only his underpants last week on Capitol Hill on CNN for animal rights, all this would have happened a lot sooner. Oh well, as usual, us gays have to settle for that weird cowboy in Times Square, and what the hell does HE stand for anyway?????? Anyway, speaking of Times Square, I’m writing you all to remind you that our little « energy coup » Blackoutsabbath is in about a month and a half – June 21st, from noon to midnight, and it’s probably a good idea to start planning how to observe the event – you know, logistics. I’m going to be working in Berlin at that time with Robert Wilson and the previously mentioned « really hard to pin down » William Shakespeare on some sonnets he’s written. Nice stuff, a little fey, but still, nice stuff. Jorn is flying over to meet me and we plan to spend the dark times in an amazingly dark place both physically and historically: a huge ex-Communist apartment block on Karl Marx Alle in East Berlin belonging to a smart friend of ours with glasses. I imagine it won’t be too unlike it was in the last days of the GDR, hell! Didn’t they all used to wear glasses? Or was that England in the Fifties? I digress. So take care, start planning, and demand more « underpants only on Capitol Hill » time (yikes, I think I’m imagining something that never actually happened. Damn you, Hayden!!!!).



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